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Drive your cock into these naked Jordana pics

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

We have to thank The Fast and the Furious series for giving the street racing subculture some mainstream fame time. It’s an exhilirating and dangerously exciting niche in the society, one only known by urban night owls looking to up their street cred by leaving tire tracks burning on the gravel and their opponents poorer by a couple thousand dollars. But what sets the dirt burning better than singed rubber are the sexy ladies taking their turn behind the wheel; how hot is it to have a chick outstrip you in their hot pink convertible, without a single hair falling out of place even after she cranks out the nitro on your sorry ass? There’s Jordana Brewster for you, the epitome of the kickass racer chick who beats you at your game, leaves you miles and miles behind, while still looking awesome hot while she does it. Kind of like a sneaky, but hot one-night stand one-upping your gullible ass.

But there’s always one thing to strip a chick like Jordana of her swagger and cred–by literally stripping her. Once she realizes her cunt’s riding the wind as freely as her hair does when she races, she’ll buckle and drop to her knees, accepting defeat. But given the scenario, she makes street racing hotter by taking off her clothes and showing her pussy to the crowd. But only after she dust clears and the steel bats have been wiped clean of the blood. And the post-race party can happen right on top of the hood, with Jordana’s sexy body gripping the still-glistening decals, while you fasten your cock onto her pussy and fuck her like she’s just another race track. You can pull out and watch your cum sizzle as it makes contact with the burning engine, or keep it going and blow your jizz inside Jordana. Good thing these racer chicks know how to drive stick, huh?

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